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Assisting residents in achieving inspirational aging through connected residential living.


New suites are now available.

Safety, comfort, and enhanced quality of life are the priority at Abode Advantage. We ensure that the resident, family, and Thrive Promoters are on each team to improve the individual’s wellbeing.

Abode Advantage understands that relationships are essential to a healthy, happy, and thriving lifestyle. Amenities such as community gardens, technology, spa services, design safety features, universal design features, and a children's playground encourage residents to connect with their families and with one another.

With personalized meal plans, holistic recreational services, and dedicated Thrive Promoters, we provide a home that concentrates on ability rather than debility. As each and every person is unique, Abode Advantage works alongside residents to create a life in which they can prosper.

We bring the neighbor back into the neighborhood.

Our homes are designed to maximize private space for residents while also including shared living spaces for vibrant connections.

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