About Us

What drives us to provide unique, exemplary services.


A home should provide comfort, sanctuary, and shelter where an individual can thrive in connection

with their family and community. Abode Advantage homes will focus on the ability of elders and their

vital, connected role to the community. Our unique concierge service caters to the individual’s needs,

recognizing that each person is unique.


- George Hagan, Founder


At Abode Advantage, our difference is our dedication to seeing residents prosper. By building community and purpose-filled living, we connect like-minded, vibrant elders to one another.

Connection doesn’t stop within our homes for our residents: our service plan encourages involvement with the outside community, giving our residents the freedom to live as they choose.

Our Team

Jody L. Amburgy

“I am excited about helping to create a more personal community type of living for our elderly through Abode Advantage.”

Thomas J. Ruberg

“I am passionate about developing a successful plan to better care for our aging population. Abode Advantage provides an environment of respect and celebration of our residents’ senior years.”

George Hagan

“I am focused and purposeful on providing a new model of residential living for elders who are a vital part of the community and who need communal living to thrive.”

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