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Cultural Advantage

Assisting residents in achieving inspirational aging through connected residential living.

Our mission is to glorify and honor God by building and designing residential communities for older adults, who inspire others to age well and thrive according to God’s purpose. We take responsibility for our calling by being great stewards of all resources and talents provided by God and living out our core values.

Our Values

God the Glory

We Give

We give God glory by recognizing His design and purpose for our lives in our work and interactions with those who connect with Abode communities.

strong family units

We Build

We build strong family units by recognizing all people for their gifts and talents in how each of us contribute to the wellbeing of those around us.

to the community

We Connect

We are community connectors and recognize that we are better people when we are generous with our time and talents to make the community a better place for all to live.

resilient people

We Employ

We employ resilient, talented people by recognizing those with a servant heart and an ongoing spirit of love and hope who understand we are defined by a God who continues to love and pursue us.

By prioritizing the support of connection to self and community, we provide a space for active elders to discover a like-minded community. Each home creates a space for each resident to feel valued, included, and able to flourish.

Abode Advantage emphasizes privacy and independence with separate, individual suites and full bathrooms. We bring the freedom of living at home to a place where the common aging effects of loneliness and isolation are removed. At Abode Advantage, we bring the community home.

Abode Advantage provides a variety of daily activities and social events that motivate residents to live life to the fullest, focusing on their ability rather than debility. This way, residents truly prosper by becoming part of an extended family with others in their community.

Discover how you can thrive.

Abode Advantage offers an alternative to assisted living with a focus on connectivity and involvement.

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