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Abode Advantage builds homes to thrive in.

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The design and function of Abode Advantage Homes consist of three key building blocks:

Outside Community

Abode Advantage encourages a thriving connection to the outside community. With extensive activities focusing on providing opportunity to every resident, we ensure that those connections flourish. By uniquely providing access to transportation services, Abode Advantage creates an environment where the resident has the freedom to reach beyond the home.

Inside Community

With a seamless floor plan and open living spaces, our one-story ranch style homes inspire comfort and connection. Abode Advantage creates a space in which residents can create a community of wellness and engagement within the walls of each home.


Each ranch style home is built to have ten spacious private suites and full private bathrooms. Each resident has full independence and privacy in their own space. Abode Advantage offers the resident an opportunity to live away from home without a loss of freedom.

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